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Car accident alone: ​​what to do and how to react?


Car accident alone: ​​what to do and how to react?

I had a car accident on my own: what to do?

How to react if I have hung my car up against a traffic sign or if I damaged my car on my ownA question that must be asked in the event of an accident without a third party, namely without another user involved in the accident. Follow our advice to adopt the right reflexes.

Single vehicle accidents

Contrary to what one might think, automobile claims do not always involve several users. Indeed, there are many cases of accidents involving a single vehicle :

  • an accident in a parking lot, by backing up in a barrier, for example;
  • the vehicle loss of control causing you to carry off the road, especially when weather conditions are bad (fog, ice, etc.);
  • an accident after you fell asleep at the wheel ;
  • car accident against a pole or other fixed element (road sign, tree, fence, etc.);

Car accident alone: ​​the reflexes to adopt

It is important to know what to do in the event of an accident alone, in particular, to ensure your safety and that of other road users (motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.). Depending on the severity of the loss and your abilities following the accident, you may be advised:

  • possibly move your vehicle, if possible, in order to limit the risk of another collision;
  • to report the accident, and, turning on your hazard lights and installing a warning triangle;
  • protect yourself by putting on a yellow vest and exiting the vehicle on the side opposite to the traffic;
  • if necessary, alert the emergency services by dialing 15 for Samu, 17 for Emergency Police, or 18 for firefighters (or 112 from a mobile phone);
  • contact your insurance in order to benefit from any assistance guarantees in your contract (towing, breakdown service, etc.).

And what to do when you have a car accident on the highwayThe recommended procedure, taking the same precautions as in town or on the road, is to get out of your vehicle, stand behind the guardrail and reach the nearest emergency call station. These stations are located every two kilometers and thus make it easier for the emergency services to locate you.

Car accident alone: ​​is a declaration to the insurance compulsory?

Even in the event of a single-car accident, a declaration to your insurance is usually compulsory. Although no other user is involved, you must file an auto claim without a third party under the conditions set by your auto insurance contract.

As recalled by the Insurance Code, the obligation to report a car accident (alone or not) however only concerns claims that are likely to trigger the insurer's guarantee (1) . Thus, it is possible not to declare a car accident without a third party if several conditions are met:

  • you do not have the guarantee insuring you against this risk (such as the damage guarantee for example);
  • the accident did not cause any damage to your vehicle or to yourself;
  • the accident did not cause any material damage to the property of others (street furniture, gate, wall, barrier, etc.) and/or did not injure any third party (passenger of your vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, etc. .).

How do I report a car accident on my own?

You must, first of all, declare the car accident without a third party according to the conditions set by your auto insurance contract. According to the insurers, the car accident declaration can only be made:

  • by completing a paper report and sending it to your insurer by e-mail, post, or even to an agency;
  • by using the auto-report application, usable for accidents only and accidents occurring between two motor land vehicles (car, two and three-wheel motorized vehicles), registered in and not have resulted in bodily injury, before '' send the electronic report to your insurance;
  • by declaring the accident by any other means available to you: by telephone, by e-mail, or directly in an agency.

A question nevertheless arises: how to complete an amicable report when you are alone in questionTo make a report on your own, you must only complete your part of the document. In addition, make sure to:

  • write the report immediately after the accident;
  • note the exact circumstances of the accident and tick the corresponding boxes;
  • make an accurate sketch of the accident on its own (position of the vehicle, environment, etc.);
  • indicate the bodily injury and material damage resulting from the incident;
  • reread the report before signing it.