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Hire a good lawyer with expertise in road accidents in Nîmes


Hire a good lawyer with expertise in road accidents in Nîmes

If the number of traffic accidents in Nîmes has been reduced for a decade, which allows a considerable drop in traffic deaths, it still remains frequent.

An accident is a collision on the road network that can cause manslaughter or injury. Its main causes are drugs, alcohol, fatigue, and speed.

The role of motorcycle and automobile insurance is therefore essential.

The law has also provided for a single compensation scheme for road accident victims in order to simplify and accelerate this compensation.

You have been the victim of a road accident (driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pedestrian…), the law firm in nimes SCP LEXVOX accompanies you personally throughout the compensation procedure.

The adversarial role of the accident lawyer vis- à- vis insurance companies

The person injured in a car or motorcycle accident and their family can be very weakened by the impact of the accident on life. Compensation must be discussed in a binding manner by an expert of the law. If you are a victim of such an accident, you must take all the necessary steps.

Being in a state of post-traumatic stress and shock, you are naturally assisted by your insurance company to which you make your first administrative declarations. You certainly do not know it but insurance companies, in the event that they are not of the same group, settle their disputes between themselves via internal agreements (we speak of an IRCA agreement with regard to bodily injury).

Sometimes your own insurer will handle the incident directly with you, so beware of false good advice. Indeed, when the insurance offers you to appoint a medical consultant, it is actually an expert paid by the insurance company. It then counterbalances the balance of power in the management of your compensation by keeping only the interests of the insurer. Compensation for negotiated damages is, in most cases, lower than the amounts acquired by a lawyer.

As a disaster victim, you are weakened and sometimes ignorant of your rights, given that the matter is evolving and complex. You should therefore choose your own Traffic Victim Lawyer who will guide and support you from the very first moments.

Personalized assistance for the victim during the expertise in Nîmes

Entirely independent from insurers, SCP LEXVOX has established a vast network of expert accident attorneys as well as experts in several specialties (psychiatrist, occupational therapist, architect, physiotherapist, etc.) to defend you and enlighten you as much as possible with regard to accidents. steps to be taken to be compensated and thus acquire a better amount of compensation.

  • Defense and compensation
  • Car or motorcycle accidents
  • Serious traffic accidents
  • Very serious accidents with sequelae

Head trauma

  • Coma
  • Paralysis ...

Each compensation is unique: in fact, it varies according to age, sex, professional situation or even the conditions of the claim in Nîmes. To defend you, we also work in collaboration with medical experts.

As medical expertise is a keystone of compensation, our practice is committed to ensuring that the doctor is exclusively a medical consultant. He will then get to know you and listen to you so that you can list all your bodily injuries without any fear.

The objective being to constitute a very solid file even before the expertise. Your accident lawyer in Nimes then writes an expert mission to supervise the expertise to intervene, in order to assess your various bodily injuries. During the medical examination, you will be assisted by our doctor-lawyer pair, one participating in the medical examination, the other in the forensic discussion.

Road accident in Nîmes and compensation

In the event of a road accident, the injured are entitled to compensation except for the driver responsible for the accident. The insurance mandated to compensate then has 8 months in which to pay a compensation provision.

Once, everything is decided on consolidation, the insurance must compensate you in full. Thanks to its great expertise, SCP LEXVOX ensures that the compensation is free and corresponds perfectly to the full compensation of your bodily injury.

As we are used to managing a large number of cases, we are in a perfect position to act in your best interests and to defend your rights firmly. If necessary, we can also intervene before the Court of Appeal and the Tribunal de Grande Instance, as well as the various jurisdictions of Nîmes and the surrounding area.

Example of compensation after a road accident in Nîmes

“I had an accident on the A54 three months ago. The (apparently insured) individual who arrived was deported and it ended face-to-face. I had 4 fractures and dislocation of my right foot.

After having been operated on (5 pins), I now have algodystrophy and I have to see a doctor frequently for pain relief. Obviously, I lodged a complaint, but I did not receive any feedback. My insurance company compensated me for my car (part for the breakage) and paid me an advance of 2,000 euros for damageShe also regulates my taxi transport in order to get to the physiotherapist.

I was able to have an appointment with an expert doctor thanks to my insurer, however, I have the impression that he acts in such a way that my current handicap is related to a former work incident.

I wear special shoes in order to move around and I cannot stand any longer or walk without any pain. Because of the constant pain, the nights are more and more painful.

Thanks to the intervention of my lawyer in Nimes, I was able to be assisted during the expertise and he took care of everything to get me very good compensation. If before I had the sad feeling of being forgotten by everyone and no longer knowing what to do, this is no longer the case.

With Me RAYBAUD, I had the feeling of being heard and protected. I thank her very much for all she was able to do for us. "

So if you want the advice of expert professionals and the support of a good Victim Lawyer in Nimes, our firm will be happy to help.