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How to get car wreckage removed for free on accident

How to get car wreckage removed for free on accident

 Do you have an end-of-life vehicle and don't know how to dispose of it? Little information exists on the procedure to be initiated when one wishes to dispose of a vehicle that no longer functions. Due to a lack of information, many people choose to leave their vehicles in public places. To avoid this, find out how to have a wreck removed for free.

Abandonment of a vehicle on the public highway = danger and illegality

Abandoning a vehicle is not only annoying, but also potentially dangerous. From a safety point of view, leaving your vehicle on the public highway can cause discomfort or even create an accident. Regarding the ecological aspect, a vehicle contains polluting products that it is absolutely necessary to treat adequately.

End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are subject to specific regulations. European law stipulates that you are required to have your wreck moved to an approved ELV wreckerIt is with it that the vehicle can be depolluted according to European standards, which involves the removal of used oils, coolant or even fuel.

Make an appointment with an ELV certified professional

The first essential step for a free wreck removal is to contact an approved ELV professional. Many technicians offer quick appointments through their website or by phone. The processing time is quick and within 24 hours the removal of your wreck will be completed.

Removal of the wreckage and delivery of the transfer certificate

Once the appointment has been arranged, the specialist will come to meet you in order to proceed with the removal of your ELV. Several documents are necessary in order to proceed with the removal of the vehicle:

- The vehicle registration card must be scratched. The words "transferred on" and the date and time of removal must be affixed.
- A photocopy of the national identity card of the owner of the registration card must also be provided.

You are now in the company of an approved ELV wrecker who is preparing to take your vehicle to a specialized center. Several essential administrative formalities must be carried out. First, you must sign a declaration of assignment of your ELV for destruction . What does signing this declaration involve? It simply allows you to indicate that you are no longer the owner of your wreck: you therefore come to transfer ownership of your ELV to the wrecker who will then be able to direct it to a center for its depollution.

What happens after your wreck has been removed?

free wreck removal requires the use of specific equipment in order to safely transfer your wreck to an approved ELV de-pollution center. Your old vehicle will join this center in order to be decontaminated and recycled.

Within 15 days of the demolition of your wreck, the prefecture of your home will send you a confirmation of the destruction of the vehicle. Finally, a certificate of transfer for destruction will be given to you . This document could be useful to you for your future administrative procedures, in particular with your insurance.