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Lawyer expert in road accidents in Marignane


Lawyer expert in road accidents in Marignane

Following an accident, are you looking for a lawyer in Carignane who is an expert in road accidentsIt is essential nowadays to surround yourself with experts in the field of trafficNot knowing your rights vis-à-vis insurance companies and the legal system can be destabilizing or even detrimental for you.

Calling on a lawyer who is an expert in road accidents means having the support of a legal professional who will be able to defend you while putting together your medical accident file by verifying the proper conduct of the procedure and the veracity of the facts. .

Why call on a lawyer who is an expert in traffic accidents?

The expert lawyer will carry out administrative work on your behalf to compile your file. If necessary, he can go so far as to represent you in court.

The constitution of the file and legal representation

Your lawyer, an expert in road accidents, will collect and centralize the administrative documents for your case. From the medical certificate to the act attesting to the prejudices and bodily injuries suffered, he will verify the truth of the facts and the proper conduct of the procedure.

Thus he will be able to put you in contact with his own network of medical professionals such as medical advisers, surgeons, clinics, or physiotherapists who will take care of carrying out an examination or a counter-examination.

With your agreement and if he considers it justified, he may go against the insurance companies and become a civil party in a criminal trial.

Your expert lawyer: a bulwark against insurance

During a traffic accident, the victims responsible or not are generally weakened psychologically and physicallyIndividuals are content to appeal to their insurer and are guided by the latter in the compensation procedure.

However, insurance companies settle their disputes internally according to pre-established agreements and tend to appoint medical advisers or surgeons working for their establishment and responsible for drawing up an expert report in line with them.

Having the support of a lawyer who is an expert in traffic accidents will firstly allow you to better understand your insurer's procedure while ensuring the veracity of the information recorded.

The role of the road accident lawyer in practice

More specifically, the expert lawyer will take on the role of administrative and financial controllerHe will ensure that there is no defect in the documents in the file and, consequently, that the amounts of the penalties are fair and equitable.

Determine the number of damages and damages

The medical accident lawyer is responsible for determining whether the victim is responsible or what is his share of responsibility in the event. He is also capable of validating or invalidating the assessment of the damage and the bodily injuries suffered.

He will be responsible for evaluating and determining the amounts of damages to be paid as well as hospital or clinic costs caused by the accident.

An example of intervention by an expert lawyer

In the case of a motorist who would have been struck in the back while waiting for a traffic light to stop, the expert lawyer will play a dual role.

He will first check the veracity of the facts but also the respect of the Badinter law, namely:

  • The sending of a questionnaire to the victim by the insurer of the person responsible within 6 weeks after the accident.
  • Medical expertise two months after the facts.
  • A final appointment 6 months later to ensure the evolution of the victim's state of health.
  • Editing an objective expert report.

Secondly, and with the agreement of his client, he will validate the suffering threshold, the disability rates, or the prejudices assessed on the basis of the expert report. Finally, it will validate or not the amounts calculated for the compensation of this damage.

What to do following a medical accident in Marignane?

SCP LEXVOX, your lawyer in marignane, an expert in medical liability, has already come to the aid of many clients in this situation.

We have contributed to:

  • Determine the responsibility of the parties.
  • Publish a medical certificate and an impartial and truthful report.
  • Evaluate bodily and psychological damage as well as the number of penalties.
  • Check that the Badinter law procedure is well respected.
  • Support our clients throughout the procedure.

If you need help in your compensation procedure following a medical accident in Marignane, SCP LEXVOX will answer your questions. We will take care of your case, seize the court urgently so that it appoints a legal expert then we will begin the negotiations with your adversary. Do not stand alone with insurance companies, the field of medical law is complex and constantly evolving.