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The car accident with a wild boar or a wild animal


The car accident with a wild boar or a wild animal

When traveling by car, you are not immune to an accident with a boar or other wild animal. Since such a disaster can have serious consequences, both material and physical, it is important to take out insurance against this risk. To make the right choice, find out how insurance works in the event of an accident with a wild boar or another wild animal.

focus on accidents with wild boar, deer, doe

Accidents because of a boar, a deer, or any other wild animal are relatively frequent in France. Each year, the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) records a large number of collisions with wild animals, which result in bodily injuries for the victims, requiring treatment.

For the motorist, a collision with a boar or other wild animal is seldom without consequence. The material damage can indeed be heavy, often rendering the vehicle irreparable due to the violence of the impact. Personal injury to the driver and passengers should not be overlooked either. Beyond the possible physical consequences (incapacity, invalidity, etc.), this situation can also have a significant financial impact (medical costs remaining chargeable, loss of professional earnings, etc.).

If accidents caused by deer or other wild animals are, logically, more frequent on country roads and around wooded areas, however, the risk can also be present elsewhere. Due to the reduced visibility and the opening of the chase, leading to beatings, it is also recommended to adapt your driving in the fall to limit collisions. This advice nevertheless applies in all seasons, especially since the hunting period can begin as early as August depending on the region. Consult the site of your prefecture for the opening dates of the hunt. 

Accident with a wild boar: who is responsible?

It is difficult to know who is responsible for an accident with a boardeer, or another wild animal. First, report the accident to your insurer. He will call on an expert to determine whether the accident and the resulting damage were indeed caused by the animal. It is for this reason that it is important to gather all the possible evidence of the collision (photos, testimonials, etc.), in order to facilitate the expertise  

If the report confirms that the accident is indeed due to a wild animal, your responsibility will be released, allowing you in particular to avoid the application of a possible penalty. What recourse if the accident with a wild boar or another wild animal is denied by the expertise? Everything will depend on the conditions provided for in your contract. Be aware, however, that at Macif you have the option of requesting that a second expert, chosen by you, assess the situation jointly with the insurer's expert.   

Declare the accident with a wild animal to the insurance

What to do in the event of an accident with a wild boar or another wild animal? In the event of an injury to the driver or passengers, your first instinct should be to contact the emergency services. You must also inform your insurance of the shock of the accident with a wild boar or with another wild animal. Depending on the contract, the declaration can be made in different ways: by calling the assistance number, by means of a statement, or even by a written declaration.

To benefit from any guarantees provided for by your auto insurance contract following an accident with a wild boar or another wild animal, it is generally necessary to contact your insurer before incurring any costs (breakdown assistance, towing, repairs, etc.). etc.). Otherwise, and even if you are covered for the loss in question, you could be refused coverage for costs already incurred.

Compensation for a collision with a wild animal

The coverage of the accident with a wild animal by the auto insurance will mainly depend on the nature of the damage and the guarantees present in the contract:

  • Vehicle damage: following an accident with a wild animal, the insurance will compensate you if you are covered for material damage, through a guarantee usually called damage guarantee. It is generally automatically included in all risk contracts.
  • Driver injuries: if you have a driver's bodily cover, you may, depending on the conditions of your contract, be compensated for your medical expenses remaining at your expense and/or benefit from additional compensation in the event of incapacity or of deceased. In addition, you should know that the FGAO (Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Damage Insurance) can pay compensation in the event of injury or death of the driver if no bodily cover for the driver has been taken out or in addition to the compensation paid by this guarantee if the compensation for the damage is not complete.
  • Injury to passengers: it is your auto insurance - following the car accident with a wild boar or another wild animal - which will compensate the passengers of the vehicle, under your civil liability. Remember to report this bodily injury to your insurer when you file your claim.

Collision with a wild animal: what deductible?

The application or not of a deductible following an accident with a wild animal depends essentially on the guarantees provided for in your contract.

  • You are not covered: if your contract does not provide any guarantee covering you in the event of a collision with a wild animal, no excess will be applied to you because you are not covered for this loss. All material damage will therefore be at your expense.
  • You are covered: if your contract covers you, generally through the damage guarantee, the application of the deductible by the insurance following an accident with a deer or another wild animal will depend on the conditions fixed in the contract. You will have to assume part of the costs due to material damage if a deductible is provided. Otherwise, you will not have to pay anything. 

A question therefore arises: why should you possibly have to assume a deductible in the event of an accident with a boar or another wild animal? Quite simply because it is impossible to identify a faulty third party, insofar as the animal cannot be considered as responsible and that it does not have an owner to assume this responsibility, unlike a domestic animal, for example. Although you are covered for this loss, you will therefore have to pay the deductible if it is provided for in the contract.


Accident with a wild animal: what penalty?

Following the collision with a wild animal, auto insurance will send an expert to confirm or deny the cause of the accident. If the expert opinion finds such a cause, no penalty - following the accident with a wild animal  - can be applied to you. In this situation, the claim will in fact fall under force majeure, insofar as such an accident is unforeseeable.


Accident with a wild animal: the Macif cover

With Macif insurance, a car accident with a wild boar or another wild animal is covered - for material damage suffered by your vehicle - by the damage guarantee. To benefit from it, you have the choice between two comprehensive insurance formulas: Protective and Excellence (4) .

Unlike third-party insurance, which does not include damage coverage, the Protectrice and Excellence formulas guarantee (4) :

  • in the event of destruction of the vehicle, compensation equivalent to the purchase price of your vehicle (during the 6 months following the date of purchase of the new vehicle or, beyond, to the replacement value estimated by the expert, this the last being for a minimum amount of € 1,000);
  • in the event of partial damage, the assumption of the costs of repairing or replacing parts, up to the limit of the replacement value of the vehicle;
  • maximum compensation of € 610 for accessories damaged as a result of the accident.

More advantageous than third-party insurance in the event of an accident with a wild boar  or another wild animal, the Protectrice and Excellence formulas can also provide you with other guarantees to extend your coverage (4) :

  • the increased value guarantee (5), guaranteeing you a reinforced reimbursement of your vehicle in the event of total destruction;
  • the accessories and private contents of the vehicle cover (5), providing up to € 2,000 for the reimbursement of your personal effects destroyed in the accident;

In the event of an accident with a wild animal, your Macif auto insurance also covers any damage to your passengers under your civil liability, regardless of the form of your contract. 


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