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What to do in the event of a car accident?


What to do in the event of a car accident?

First steps in the event of a car accident

In the event of a traffic accident, especially in a frequented area, it is important to delimit the site of the accident while awaiting the arrival of first aid. A car crash can always be followed by others.

How to protect the perimeter of the accident?

Whether you are involved in the accident or among the first to arrive, the retro-reflective vest - which everyone is supposed to have in their trunk - makes it easier to be seen by other motorists. Switching on your hazard lights is also a good way to make the area more visible, after having positioned a warning triangle a few meters from the accident vehicle.

Who to contact in the event of a car accident?

In the event of a bodily accident, it is essential to alert the emergency services as quickly as possible by dialing 15 or 18 (112 from a mobile phone), but also to contact the police on 17. No matter the severity situation, under no circumstances should an injured person be moved, unless he or she is in danger (near a fire, a threatening explosion, etc.)

Car accident and amicable report

Is it compulsory to make an amicable report?
The amicable report is an official document that makes it possible to determine the causes of the accident and the responsibilities of each driver. It must be completed by both parties. However, sometimes a motorist refuses to sign because he does not agree.

The report must be completed at the scene of the accident and sent to your car insurance, at most 5 days after the accident. Laborious at first glance, the amicable report is a precious element for the insurer who will be able to deal with the claim more quickly and provide you with compensation.

How does an amicable report take place?
In the best case, motorists fill out the report and sign it without any objection. However, the parties may not agree on the circumstances of the accident. If one of the accident victims refuses to complete the report, the other can note his license plate number and enter it in the “observation” box, specifying his objection.

A signed amicable report is a difficult document to dispute later. If there is a complication during the establishment of the report, it is preferable not to sign anything and subsequently to send your own official declaration to your insurer.