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What to know about a traffic accident lawyer

What to know about a traffic accident lawyer

When you are the victim of a traffic accident, it is best to hire a lawyer to defend your rights. Whatever the reason, whether for a complaint or a request for compensation, a road law professional will be able to assist you. The following information may help you in your process.

Why hire a lawyer in the event of an accident?

An Aix en Provence accident lawyer has the necessary skills in the event of a road accident which may be the cause of various disputes. The first procedure that is discussed in this kind of situation concerns compensation. Your lawyer will also be able to accompany you for all the steps that involve your defense against a criminal court judge. Sometimes it is the prosecutor himself who initiates this process, but the victim can also do the same.

Your lawyer will have a different role depending on your position in relation to the accident. If you are the victim, he can set up criminal or civil sanction procedures against the perpetrator of the accident. On the other hand, if you are at the origin of the event, he will stand by your side to defend you against the accusations made about you.

When to ask for his services?

It is best to use the services of a lawyer directly near an accident. The sooner the better so that he can effectively defend you. Whether you are the perpetrator or the victim, this advice works both ways. He will be able to put in place all the necessary steps to assert your rights, well before the start of any criminal proceedings.

The law authorizes the prosecution of a traffic offense during the 3 years which followed the events. However, it is better to deal with the problem soon after it arises. Afterward, it will be easier to move on and continue with the course of his life.

What will your lawyer do according to your situation?

If you are at fault in the car accident which involves you, your lawyer will assist you when you are summoned to the criminal court. In the event of a prosecution in court, its main objective will be to prove your innocence. In the case of a guilt already arrested, he will fight to have your penalties reduced as much as possible.

In the event that you are the victim, your lawyer can intervene at two levels. He can accompany you during a non-contentious procedure . Its role will be to develop an expertise that will allow you to determine the amount of your compensation. To achieve this objective, it can greatly help you in the preparation of your compensation file.

It can also be there, in the event that you are faced with criminal proceedings against the insurer or the perpetrator of the accident. He will accompany you and will be by your side during your visits to court. He will clearly explain all the steps that need to be taken to assert your rights.


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