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Who should pay my compensation in the event of a car accident


Who should pay my compensation in the event of a car accident

Either you are the victim of an accident on the public highway which does not involve any other vehicle or which is due to your fault.

In this context, it will be necessary to examine your insurance policy to find out if your damages can be taken care of. If you have comprehensive insurance, it is very likely that we may require your insurance company to pay for it. But beware your company is now your opponent. There is no question of being fooled by accepting any compensation. Consult us.

Either a driver committed a fault which produced the car accident in Alès

In the event that a driver is at fault, we will blame him and his insurance company against whom we will file an amicable claim as a first step. Also in this situation, we will organize amicable medical expertise with the company's expert. It is imperative that you are assisted by a medical adviser during this medical examination.

Pass this course, we will negotiate with regard to the expert report. But if these discussions are not conducted with loyalty by the company, we will consider what to do with it in court. The question that one must ask before this is related to the offer of the insurance company.

Should I accept the insurance company's offer?

Insurance companies are not always honest and their first offers do not reflect the amounts you deserve for your losses. If you accept a settlement offer too early, you not only lose the money owed to you, but more importantly, you play the "game" of the insurance company that will make money on you. Much worse, you will never be able to dispute this again after the 15-day cooling-off period.

When an insurance company makes its amicable offer after a period of 8 months, it is not rare that it does not reflect the reality of the management of your situation. The advice of a traffic accident lawyer in Alès can help you decide what to do next. Many insurance companies seek to limit their financial liability as much as possible after a traffic accident, especially if you are seriously injured.

Never accept a first settlement offer without having discussed it with a lawyer specializing in personal injury.

In what ways can legal advice from a lawyer after a car accident in Alès help me?

After a car accident, many injured people think they can handle things on their own. They are afraid that the attorney's fees will reduce their compensation. However, they are wrong because not only do they have no advance to pay to the firm and the firm will only receive a small percentage of the compensation. On the other hand, the added value that your accident lawyer will bring will be beyond measure.

Indeed the strategy advice, the hard work of an experienced personal injury lawyer can net you an exponentially higher compensation than you could get on your own.

The road accident lawyer in Alès can:

You help maximize your compensation.

Although even the best lawyer cannot guarantee the compensation you will receive after a car accident, an experienced personal injury lawyer will often increase the compensation you receive and even after paying your legal fees. In practice, many insurance companies will issue a much better settlement offer just because they know an expert personal injury lawyer is on your side.

Your lawyer will prevent you from making mistakes that could reduce your compensation.

Did you know that what you post on social media about your accident is dangerous and could put you in trouble with the insurance company? Have you thought about how the activities you engage in might impact the compensation you receive? Do you know the best experts in strategies and advice to avoid the pitfalls? This is your law firm in traffic accidents of course!

An experienced and expert accident lawyer can not only prevent you from making mistakes, but more than that, he will provide you with valuable legal advice on how to answer questions from the insurance company or during the expertise.

Your accident lawyer will give you a method to prepare for what to expect.

Filing a personal injury claim can seem daunting. There are pitfalls to avoid. While a lawyer can't tell you exactly how the process will unfold exactly, they can give you an idea of ​​what to expect when you file your compensation claim.

An accident lawyer will guide you through each step of the process: from the drafting of a letter of formal notice of a claim to the expertise, the negotiation phase or the judicial phase. In the latter case, if your case requires it to be taken to court, an experienced personal injury lawyer is also ready to help you with this process.

Your medical lawyer will take care of negotiating the best compensation for you.

You have enough to manage your recovery and the settlement of your compensation on your own. An experienced personal injury lawyer can streamline the negotiation process, take care of your stress by taking care of the entire compensation process. He will handle correspondence from the insurance company or responsible party and represent your best interests every step of the way.

Your lawyer in the event of a road accident in Alès supports you

Do not hesitate to consult us. Within our firm, you are no more than a simple file number. You are a survivor who deserves our respect and all the necessary compassion. Far beyond that, our personal injury law firm values ​​the time and trust of everyone who trusts us.

We are here to support and reassure you throughout this difficult compensation process. Your victory will also be ours.

If you have been injured in a car accident, do not try to manage compensation on your own but get advice from an experienced lawyer. Our consultation is FREE. So don't hesitate.